What's happening in Harris County

Consider legally changing your name

A new bill will go into effect on September, 1, 2017, allowing Texas local law enforcement agencies to ask about immigration status and enforce immigration laws

The justification given for the law law by Governor Abbott is that it will keep Texas safe from criminal immigrants. In a five minute video posted on Facebook, he said, “Citizens expect law enforcement officers to enforce the law, and citizens deserve lawbreakers to face legal consequences.”

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Here's your get out of jail free card

Many people with limited resources live in fear of being arrested because regardless of being guilty or innocent, an arrest alone can irrevocably disrupt someone’s life. Given that approximately 41.3 million American people are living below the poverty line and many Americans have little to no savings, we could be facing a serious problem as a nation.

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What's the deal with the new Harris County marijuana rules ?

On March 1, 2017 the Harris County District Attorney’s office announced that some marijuana cases for amounts under 4 oz will not be prosecuted. Rather, you will have 90 days to take a 4 hour class  in order to avoid charges.

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