About Andreea

 Andreea Ionescu is an established figure in the legal community She understands criminal prosecution inside and out and will use this knowledge to fight for your rights.

Andreea graduated from University of Miami, School of Law in 2013. She then went to work for the Harris County District Attorney’s office for 3 years. During her tenure at the Harris County District attorney’s office she has handled over 5000 misdemeanor and felony cases ranging from Assaults, Thefts, PCS, Criminal Trespass, Interference with Public Duties and DWI cases to Delivery of a Controlled Substance,  Burglary of a Habitation, Felon in Possession of a Weapon, Aggravated Assaults, Possession and Delivery of Drugs, and many more.

Her tenure at the District Attorney’s Office gave Andreea a very deep understanding of the law and how it applies to a criminal case. 

Once in private practice, Andreea took the knowledge and experience she gained at the District Attorney’s office to help get the best results for her clients. In a recent case, an officer conducted an illegal inventory search that resulted in the arrest of Andreea’s client. Andreea quickly identified the problem and got the case dismissed.

Andreea always takes the extra step to not only get the best results for her clients, but also to make sure that they understand the process and are comfortable with the progression of the case.

Andreea  is currently a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, Texas DWI Lawyers Association, and American Immigration Lawyers Association

Andreea is fluent in Spanish, Italian and Romanian.