Drug Cases

Drug charges can have very serious consequences on your life, from the suspension of your Driver’s License, to the loss of your job, and in some occasions loss of child custody.

Generally, there are 4 defenses to drug charges

1.      The drugs were seized illegally, either through an illegal stop or through an illegal search

2.      The person did not know that what he possessed was a controlled substance

3.      The person did not “possess” the drugs.

4.      The drugs that were seized were not illegal. This means that after the lab analyzes the drugs, the result comes back to a substance that is not a controlled substance, according to the Texas Controlled  Substance Act, and therefore not illegal.

However, if none of this situations are applicable, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office offers programs for certain classes of peoples that, upon completion of certain conditions, can result in the dismissal of the case.

When looking to hire an attorney for a drug case, you want an attorney who is very familiar with the laws that dictate under what circumstance an officer can stop you and search you. Andreea handled hundreds of drug cases and is familiar with what the officers are allowed or not allowed to do when conducting a search of an individual. As a prosecutor, Andreea was temporarily assigned to the Reintegration Court, which is a specialty court that handles exclusively drug cases. While assigned to this court, Andreea became very familiar with search issues in drug cases as well as  the programs offered by the District Attorney’s Office.

Once you hire our firm, we will be available to you when you need us. You will speak directly with the attorney handling your case and not with a secretary who will know nothing about your case.

Our free case evaluation is very thorough. We will explain the process to you, what a drug case investigation entails, get information about your case, and explain all the possible outcomes to you. Don’t settle for an inexperienced attorney. Protect your future.  Call us at (832) 509-0222.