Being convicted of an assault means that you can be perceived as a violent person and it can have a massive impact on your personal and professional life.

Assault charges can range from a class A misdemeanor Assault, where you are facing up to 365 days in jail, to a felony second degree Aggravated Assault, where you are facing up to 20 in prison.

There are a few defenses to Assault cases, like self defense, or mutual combat. There are also mitigating circumstances like the background of the victim, provocation or other circumstances surrounding the event.

Assault cases, on most occasions, rest on the testimony of the victim and the witnesses. When hiring an attorney for an Assault case, you want an attorney who is experienced in interviewing witnesses and being able ask the right question. An diligent attorney will review all witness statements, and will look for other potential witnesses that can be useful to your case. A diligent attorney will also look for information that can potentially discredit your accusers.

Andreea has handled hundreds of Assault cases. She has interviewed many witnesses that were either victims of an assault, or were witnesses in an assault case. She is also very experienced in knowing what type of evidence can or cannot be used in these types of cases. 

Once you hire our firm, we will be available to you when you need us. You will speak directly with the attorney handling your case and not with a secretary who will know nothing about your case.

Our free case evaluation is very thorough. We will explain the process to you, what an Assault investigation entails, get information about your case, and explain all the possible outcomes to you. Don’t settle for an inexperienced attorney. Protect your future.  Call us at (832) 509-0222.