Unsurpassed communication, good results

Andreea handled (and is still my attorney) my 3rd DWI (felony). I was terrified, and had lots of questions. She was always helpful, answering emails in a very timely manner. It was such a relief to have someone so knowledgeable and caring in my corner.

Since my DWI was/is a felony, I knew that I was facing dire circumstances. She worked with the prosecution to get good results for my case. Even after the sentencing, she continues to answer my questions immediately (hey - she replies faster than my own mom!) and encourage me to keep moving forward and staying on track.

I would highly recommend Andreea to anyone in need of an attorney for a DWI. She'll keep you informed through the entire process, and let you know what to expect. Contact her and you will be pleasantly surprised at her professionalism and warm nature.