Navigating through the immigration legal system can be extremely difficult. Sometimes, it is as simple as submitting a citizenship application, and sometimes is a family member that is in custody.

Not every lawyer is equipped with the knowledge and experience to successfully handle immigration cases. You want a lawyer that will understand all the little intricacies of immigration law, who will understand how to apply it to your case and get you the best result possible.

Especially important for detention and defensive asylum cases, is hiring a lawyer that has extensive experience in evidence gathering and navigating the courtroom system. In order to present a convincing case to a judge who has sole discretion whether to approve your case or not, you want to have a lawyer who will not only aggressively fight for you, but will have the necessary knowledge and experience to get all the required evidence and leave no stone unturned.

Andreea is a former prosecutor and has handled many cases where immigration issues of deportation have intertwined with criminal cases. Not only that, but Andreea has extensive experience with evidence gathering and witness interviewing which will be very valuable in preparing your case.